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    changing the narrative.

  • What We do

    social impact for all with recognition and respect for First Nations

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    PR + Crisis Management + Media Monitoring

    COVID-19, personal profiles, editorial

    We work with our partner communications company to promote and protect you.

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    Digital. Traditional. Native.

    Experts in Indigenous content, events, media and distribution. TV, Radio, Online, Print. Experts in Indigenous affairs protocol, intellectual property and cultural sensitivities with 20+ years of real project experience.

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    Marketing + Branding

    Strategy. Branding. Targeting. Implementing. Reporting.

    Experts in marketing to Indigenous target audiences for communications campaigns, engagement and business growth. Let us tell you about our case studies.

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    Digital + Traditional

    We produce vodcast, podcast, social, film, radio, print, photography and any other new platform content that comes along. We work it... and fast.

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    Corroborees, festivals, conferences, webinars...

    We have worked on gatherings like the Yabun Festival, Young Black + Deadly, the Deadlys, Live Broadcasts, NAIDOC, Panels, Forums, Launches, Expositions.

  • Who We Are

    authentic, dynamic, zealous, honest, respectful

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    Nancia Guivarra


    Meriam (Magaram), Wuthathi and Bindal Juru, Gangalu woman.

    Nancia is a former multi-media journalist from ABC, SBS/NITV and Vibe Australia who specialises in media, digital + traditional marketing + communications with experience in Federal and State Governments and NFP Indigenous sector. She's across media production, digital marketing, web development, community engagement, strategy, policy, advice, research + public relations.

    Much of this insight stems from her role as a true "digital native" in her foundation career as a computer programmer.

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    Kat Henaway

    Business Development Strategist

    Meriam/Mua/German woman.

    Kat is a business strategist who brings her business development expertise to Anmeris Pty Ltd. She is an entrepreneur who has established Blacademics, Women’s Business and Blax Capital. Kat is board member for Women & Leadership Australia and Advisory Board Member of Women & Leadership Australia.

    She is the founder of Indigenous Women in Leadership Forums.

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  • Our Work


    30 min documentary about Indigenous lawyer Terri Janke

    Screened on SBS TV

    Barangaroo: her story for the NSW Government/Lend Lease

    On NSW government website.

    25th Anniversary of Mabo

  • media. marketing. communications. events. pr


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